Challenge Cardiff Winter 2016

Our fifth issue of Challenge Cardiff explores what leaving the EU means for Wales.

Challenge Cardiff Winter 2016

Challenge Cardiff Winter 2016

19 December 2016

The fifth issue of our research magazine, providing insight into the impact of our research.



Dr Jo Hunt & Dr Rachel Minto

Understanding a Welsh Brexit

Broadcaster Huw Edwards challenges Cardiff University's experts about what leaving the EU means for Wales.

Jeff Edwards and Dr Rob Parker

Remembering Aberfan

Jeff Edwards, a survivor of the Aberfan disaster, questions Dr Rob Parker about how scientific research is transforming the way in which we understand landslides.

Professor Les Baillie

Bees on the frontline of superbug fight

Children from Grangetown Primary quiz Professor Les Baillie about how bees are helping with the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Peter Johnston and Professor Graham Hutchings

What made me curious? Professor Graham Hutchings

Professor Graham Hutchings talks to Dr Peter Johnston of Johnson Matthey about his life of science.

Systems Immunity Research Institute

Systems Immunity Research Institute

Our researchers are doing internationally outstanding research across a broad range of infection, immunity and inflammation diseases.