We link expertise in neuroscience and mental health across the University.

The Research Institute is a joint collaboration within the College of Biomedical and Life Sciences between the Schools of:

The Research Institute also collaborate with the following partners to help support existing discovery and translational research leading to greater understanding of mental illness.

Additional collaborations with other Schools, Institutes and Centres are welcomed.

The Research Institute will build on and develop further the work of the virtual Cardiff Neurosciences Centre helping to encourage networking, facilitate new ideas and helps promote interdisciplinary research across all neuroscience.

Other Schools associated with the Research Institute include the Wales Gene Park and the Wales Epilepsy Research Network.

Funding partners

Key funding allows us to support our planned programmes of research, training and the purchase of much needed new equipment. The Research Institute will continue to work with and secure external research funding. The Research Institute will work alongside partners including:

We will also continue to work alongside external companies including:

Industry collaborators

Academic links

The Research Institute will continue to develop neuroscience links with other UK Universities, in particular through their Neuroscience research centres:

Related charities, trusts and organisations

The Research Institute will continue to work with key external charities, trusts and organisations.

They include: