Alun Davies

Based at the Neuroscience Group, School of Biosciences

Research interests

We use a wide variety of cellular, molecular and transgenic approaches to understand the regulation of neuronal survival and the growth and elaboration of neural processes in the developing vertebrate nervous system, focusing on the functions and mechanisms of action of neurotrophic factors.


Our laboratories occupy the first floor of the Life Sciences Building and are fully equipped for primary neuron culture, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry and biochemical aspects of cell signalling. We have a confocal microscope and numerous other high specification microscopes for the analysis of neuronal form and structure. There are currently 5 post-docs and 5 PhD students in the laboratory and external grant funding in excess of £2M.

Available PhD projects

  1. Transcriptional targets of NF-kB in positive and negative regulation of neurite growth
  2. Regulation of dendritic growth in the developing CNS by the extracellular calcium-sensing receptor
  3. Role of the TNF superfamily in regulating dendritic growth in the developing CNS

Research keywords

Neuronal development, neurotrophic factors, intracellular signaling.