Krishna Singh

Based at the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, School of Psychology

Research interests

My main research interest is in non-invasive functional imaging of the human brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and Magnetoencephalography (MEG). I have a specific interest is in using these imaging technologies in order to study the human visual system. Current projects include:

  • The relationship between the BOLD response, as measured with fMRI, and oscillatory power changes in the cortex, as measured with MEG.
  • Functional Neuroimaging of visual motion processing in human visual cortex. This includes low-level visual tasks such as spatio-temporal frequency tuning, velocity tuning, contrast and motion coherency. In addition, I am interested in fMRI and MEG studies of biological motion and implied-motion processing.
  • The functional significance and inter-relationship of Alpha, Beta and Gamma oscillations in human visual cortex.
  • Anatomical MRI of the 3D shape of the human eye in conditions such as myopia.
  • Analysis and visualisation methods for the processing of MEG and fMRI data.


I am one of the Directors of the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), which is part of the UK's largest 5* rated School of Psychology. 

This has state-of-the-art neuroimaging resources dedicated to neuroscience research. These include:

  • a 275-channel VSM/CTF MEG system
  • a 3-Tesla GE HDx MRI scanner
  • a 32-channel MRI compatible EEG system
  • three EEG laboratories
  • 2 TMS systems 
  • a 300-node computing cluster dedicated to neuroimaging data analysis

CUBRIC also has dedicated support staff to support neuroimaging research. PhD projects undertaken with myself will be based around these resources, with a focus on MEG and fMRI and/or analysis methodologies.

Available PhD projects

Any projects within the remit of my research interests described above will be considered.

Research keywords

Neuroimaging, visual cortex, visual motion, oscillations, BOLD, visualisation.