Andrew Lawrence

Based at the Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, School of Psychology

Research interests

I am primarily interested in the neuroscience of self and self-regulation, and how inter-individual differences in aspects of self-control and social cognition relevant to neuropsychiatric disease risk are reflected in inter-individual differences in brain structure and function.

Methods used include MRI and MRS scanning, behavioural testing, genetics, patient-based neuropsychology, and psychopharmacology.

Available PhD projects

  1. Neural mechanisms of food reward and their relationship to obesity
  2. Neural mechanisms of inter-individual differences in self- and emotional-control.
  3. Neural mechanisms of social cognition, empathy and pro-social behaviour in health and in individuals at high genetic risk for fronto-temporal dementia (with K Graham, Psychology & H Morris, Neurology)

Research keywords

 Emotion, Social Neuroscience, Neuroeconomics