PhD Supervisors

John Aggleton

Amnesia, recognition memory, spatial memory, episodic memory, fornix

Dominic Dwyer

Psychopharmacology, animal models of mental disorders, hedonic reactions, food preference

Mark Good

Hippocampus, memory, emotion, Alzheimer's disease, synaptic plasticity

Kim Graham

Human memory, neuropsychology, functional neuroimaging, amnesia, neurodegeneration

Rob Honey

Learning, memory, brain-behaviour relationships

Derek Jones

Neuroimaging, white matter microstructure, connectivity, structural MRI

Andrew Lawrence

Emotion, Social Neuroscience Neuroeconomics

David Linden

Amnesia, recognition memory, spatial memory, episodic memory, fornix

David McGonigle

Touch, plasticity, somatosensory, neuroimaging, autism, perceptual learning, neurophysiology

John Pearce

Discrimination learning, spatial learning, associative learning theory

Krishna Singh

Neuroimaging, visual cortex, visual motion, oscillations, BOLD visualisation

Petroc Sumner

Decision, impulsivity, control, inhibition

Seralynne Vann

Amnesia, episodic memory, mammillary bodies, spatial memory

Ed Wilding

Human memory, brain maging, neuropsychology, ageing

Vladimir Buchman

Neuronal death, axonal and synaptic damage, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, physiological function of synucleins, ALS/FTLD, FUS, TDP-43, C9ORF72

Vincenzo Crunelli

Brain oscillations, sleep, absence epilepsy, astrocyte-neuron signalling

Stephen Dunnett

'Brain repair', neural transplantation, stem cells, animal models of Huntington's and Parkinson's diseases, motor and cognitive behaviour, preclinical studies for clinical trials

Kevin Fox

Synaptic plasticity, experience-dependent plasticity, long-term memory, cortical microcircuitry, critical periods for schizophrenia

Adrian Harwood

Neuronal cell biology & neuronal stem cells, psychopharmacology, epigenetics

Frank Sengpiel

Plasticity of the visual cortex, developmental disorders of vision, neurodevelopmental disorders, cortical maps

Nick Craddock

Bipolar disorder, depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, molecular genetics, genetic epidemiology

Anthony Isles

Epigenetics, imprinted genes, impulsive and risk-taking behaviour, appetite and motivation, evolution

Lesley Jones

Neurodegeneration, Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, gene expression analysis, mouse models of neurodegenerative disease

George Kirov

Copy number variation and next generation sequencing in schizophrenia

Michael O'Donovan

Molecular genetics, psychiatric disorders, gene expression, pathophysiology

Michael Owen

Schizophrenia genetics, Bipolar disorder genetics, Depression genetics, ADHD genetics.

Anita Thapar

Genetic aetiology, gene-environment interplay, childhood-onset neuropsychiatric disorders

Marianne van den Bree

Genetic variation, Copy number variants (CNVs), psychiatric disorder, substance misuse, comorbidity, longitudinal studies, epidemiology

Julie Williams

Genetics, Alzheimer's disease, developmental dyslexia

Derek Blake

Protein trafficking, ubiquitin, schizophrenia genetics, movement disorders, muscular dystrophy, cognitive impairment, proteomics

Nigel Williams

Genetics of Parkinson's disease, copy number variants (in particularly 22q11DS), neurodevelopmental phenotypes

Lawrence Wilkinson

Behaviour, genetics, epigenetics, brain disorders