Professor John Aggleton

Professor John Aggleton

Professor Aggleton has been Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in the School of Psychology since 1994.

Professor Aggleton's research helps to examine the architecture of the brain and how various brain structures cooperate to support different forms of memory.

His research activities bring to the Research Institute extensive experience in complementary methods including neuroanatomy, behavioural neuroscience, and neuropsychology, to help uncover contrasting pathways for recognition memory and episodic memory.

A specific area of his work has also focused on trying to understand the causes of 'diencephalic amnesia' - a severe form of memory loss associated with damage in the centre of the brain.

Professor Aggleton's brings to the Research Institute greater understanding of the functions of a specific brain structure called the amygdala and an understanding of how animals detect whether a stimulus is novel or familiar (recognition memory).

He is a former member of the Council of the Academy of Medical Sciences (2007-2009) and was the Chair of the Wellcome Trust's Neuroscience and Mental Health Committee (2007-2011). He has published over 200 scientific papers, and former President of the European Brain and Behaviour Society (2004 -2006).