Violence Research Group

Community violence is a major problem in all societies and has its roots in child development, personality, the environment and culture.

Reducing it is a task not just for criminal justice agencies but for health and other public services. Since 1991, the Violence Research Group has been helping to bring about practical action to reduce violent assault injuries at a global level.

Through practical research our leading clinical academics, working in collaboration with external partners and organisations, have helped to understand, monitor and alleviate the causes of violent behaviour.


  • To maintain a high quality multidisciplinary research programme to further understanding of the causes of violence.
  • To implement research findings to improve violence prevention, services for the injured, health promotion, social policy in relation to problems of substance abuse, and drug and alcohol treatment programmes.
  • To evaluate violence prevention initiatives, particularly those which involve health services in multi-agency partnerships with social services, criminal justice agencies, local government and the voluntary sector.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce the psychological and social impact of violence.