Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice

We have an established international reputation for theoretically informed, policy focused, methodologically rigorous interdisciplinary research.


We are a joint venture drawing together colleagues from the School of Social Sciences (mainly those with an interest in criminology) and the School of Law and Politics (mainly those with an interest in criminal justice and security studies).

We hold regular workshops, seminars and feedback groups throughout the academic year. We have a broad research programme, with members actively exploring a range of topics around the relations between crime, security and justice.

Key areas of research interest include:

  • urban security and community safety
  • sexual and domestic violence and hate crime
  • corporate and white-collar crime
  • organised crime and terrorism
  • criminal law and criminal justice process
  • youth justice
  • policing
  • night-time economy
  • drug policy
  • life-course criminology and desistance
  • prisoner resettlement and offender management
  • emergent technologies and crime including cyber crime.

We have established links at the local, national and international level. Members work in collaboration with local authorities, third sector agencies, the Welsh Government, Home Office and Ministry of Justice, as well as a number of European agencies.

The Centre is directed by Professor Stewart Field, Adam Edwards, Christian Buege and Claudia Hillebrand.

Academic staff

Dr Adam Edwards


+44 29208 74174
Stewart Field

Professor Stewart Field

Professor of Law

+44(0)29 2087 4363

Dr Claudia Hillebrand

Senior Lecturer in International Relations

+44 (0)29 2068 8962
Janna Verbruggen

Dr Janna Verbruggen

Lecturer in Criminology

+44 (0)29 2087 5401

Security and Justice: the challenge of the transnational

A series of workshops jointly organised by Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and Cardiff Centre of Law and Society

Forthcoming workshops

Emergent Technologies: The Transnational Challenge to Security and Justice

Date: Thursday 30 November - Friday 1 December 2017
Location: School of Social Sciences, Glamorgan Building, Committee Rooms
Booking: Information available by e-mail from Dr Adam Edwards

A two day workshop jointly organised by the Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and the Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.

It will examine the current and likely future impact of emergent technologies on the organisation and prevention of key security threats and on legal process and practice.

The focus will be technologies with the potential to disrupt established routines and licit markets such as mobile internet (smart phones and social networking services), 'big data', the rise of autonomous vehicles (such as drones for surveillance and counter-surveillance), advanced robotics and 3-D printing.

Past workshops


May 2017

Best practice in security and justice: from cross-cultural explanation to transnational prescription?

Workshop jointly organised by Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.

June 2017

Transnational Criminal Justice and International Institutions: The Law and Politics of Building and Dismantling Transnational Cooperation.

Workshop jointly organised by Cardiff Centre for Crime, Law and Justice and Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.

For full programme and abstracts see our Research Gate Project.

Research seminars are held every three weeks during the academic year, providing a supportive environment for doctoral students and academic staff to present and constructively discuss their work.

Additional opportunities for members to receive tailored feedback are provided via feedback groups; members can submit draft papers to select individuals for comprehensive and detailed review.

Further seminars are run in partnership with the Welsh branch of the British Society of Criminology and additional social and strategic events are hosted throughout the year. In particular, this academic year four workshops are taking place in partnership with the Centre for Law and Society (School of Law and Politics) exploring transnational aspects of the relationship between security and justice.

Seminar series

Information on the forthcoming 2017/18 seminar series will be listed shortly.

If you would like to apply to present during the 2017/18 academic year please contact Dr Janna Verbruggen with a proposed title and brief abstract.

Past seminars

February 2017 The Politics of Penal Policy in England and Wales (Phillipa Thomas, School of Social Sciences)

A comparative analysis the violent victimization experiences of school and street-involved youth (Steven Cook, School of Social Sciences)
February 2017 Researching Urban Security Agendas in Europe (Marco Calaresu, Sassari University)

Modern technologies of an everyday drug dealer (Mark Berry, School of Social Sciences)
22 March 2017 What gives them the right? Understanding legitimacy within the context of Integrated Offender Management (Fred Cram, School of Law and Politics)

Ethnographically exploring the substance use of young homeless people (Jenny Hoolachan, School of Social Sciences)
17 May 2017Reforming drug prohibition laws: The rise and possible fall of a century old global regime. (Dr Renaud Colson, University of Nantes, France)
21 June 2017Critically exploring the governance of massage parlours in Cardiff: Promoting sex worker safety and wellbeing (Sam Hanks, School of Social Sciences)

The governmentality of local organised crime assessments (Simon Avery, School of Social Sciences)