Our aim here is to improve our understanding of the role of cancer stem cells in a range of cancers, through world-leading research.


Our research focuses on cancer stem cells, which we believe offer the possibility of transforming cancer treatments.

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Here, our research team leaders offer their perspectives on targeting cancer stem cells and how their research impacts on cancer therapy.

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New Intervention in the Fight Against Bowel Cancer

24 September 2014

It is widely known that bowel cancer is often driven by increased tumour cell survival and proliferation mediated by the deregulation of a key mechanism within gut cells controlled by the protein Wnt.

Scientist by Day, Ice Hockey Player by Night

24 September 2014

Three years ago, Dr Luke Piggott made headlines worldwide when his research using anti-cancer agent TRAIL discovered that the drug knocked out the protein c-FLIP, which gives stem cells their drug resistance. At the time, he was balancing life as a PhD student and a professional ice hockey player with the Cardiff Devils.

When Science Met Science Fiction

24 September 2014

Excitement levels reached a new high recently when Doctor Who, which is filmed in Cardiff, used the Hadyn Ellis Building as a location for an episode in its latest series.


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