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About our Research

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Understanding the Living World

Understanding the living world

At Cardiff, we take an integrated approach to all aspects of health and bioscientific research. Internationally-respected results have been achieved at all stages of the medical research process, from laboratory science through drug development to major clinical trials. This "bench to bedside" strategy is embodied in two of our flagship Research Institutes.

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute builds on Cardiff's place as an acknowledged world leader in neuroscientific genetics, also taking in strengths in brain imaging and Psychology, for which the University was ranked first in the UK in the latest Research Assessment Exercise.

The European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute takes a pioneering approach to an emerging science, and will draw on our clinical trial strength for both haematological and solid cancers.

Since the pioneering days of Archie Cochrane's research in the Welsh mining valleys, we have had a strong tradition in public health. Today, Cochrane's successors play a crucial role in raising standards of general health in populations worldwide.

The same engaged, innovative approach is the hallmark of our biodiversity research, where we aim to understand the ecological, health and genetic consequences of environmental change on biological diversity. Working with a variety of conservation partners, Cardiff researchers are bringing direct improvements to ecosystems in the UK and around the globe.

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