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Council Tax Exemption Form

Council Tax is a tax on property, collected by local Councils to help pay for a range of services provided by them, including Education, Libraries, Highways, Police, Fire Brigade, Leisure amenities, Refuse collection.

The Council Tax bill depends on the value of the property and the number of people over 18 years of age who live in it.

Full-Time Students

According to the regulations governing Council Tax, a full time student is one who is  studying on a course which:-

  • requires attendance for at least 24 weeks a year; and
  • involves at least 21 hours study, classes or work experience during term. 

Anyone who is enrolled on a programme of study designated as full-time by the University, can expect not to have to pay Council Tax.

If you are enrolled on a full-time programme of study, the Registry will issue you with a Student Council Tax Certificate, as a matter of course, usually by November of each year except:

If you are a full-time student living in University-owned accommodation, such as Halls of Residence, you will not automatically be issued with a Student Council Tax Certificate, as these properties are exempt from Council Tax. Nevertheless, some students who are living in Halls/Student Houses, do still need proof of student status. Anyone needing such proof, whether for Council Tax or other purposes, should request a "Proof of Enrolment" letter through SIMS Online at or log a call at ASK Cardiff

Part-Time Students

Anyone who is enrolled on a programme of study designated as part-time by the University, will not be issued with a Student Council Tax certificate. Part-time students who need a ‘Proof of Enrolment’ letter should also request it through SIMS Online at or ASK Cardiff

International Students

International students may find it helpful to refer to the UKCOSA Guidance Notes on ‘Council Tax and International Students’.  These can be downloaded from:-

Sandwich Year/Placement Students

Full-time students who are on their ‘year out’ and are expected to return to the University at the end of that period, remain eligible for Council Tax exemption.

If you are studying away from the University for an academic year, you can request a Student Council Tax Certificate through SIMS Online at