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The UCAS Application Procedure

3.      Overview of the Application Process

UCAS processes each application received and circulates a paper copy to each institution cited on the application.  If the applicant has applied for more than one programme at a single institution, one copy of the form is sent for each programme application.  Section 3 of the application form will contain only the choice(s) made to Cardiff University (C15).  Other choices will be blanked out on the form.  No details of other choices will be received in the daily UCAS files either, consequently the data will not initially appear on the Student Information Management System (SIMS) or in school extracts.

  • Individual institutions make their decisions to accept or reject the applicant and transmit these to UCAS.  UCAS is responsible for generating correspondence to the applicant and informing them which institutions have made them an offer (Conditional or Unconditional) and which have rejected their application.
  • If an institution fails to make a decision by a specific date, UCAS will process a reject decision by default (see UCAS Timetable for reject by default deadlines)
  • When a decision has been taken by each institution, the applicant must decide which, if any, of the offers made they wish to accept.  Each applicant may hold a maximum of two offers — one as a firm choice and one as insurance.  If the applicant is not made any offers (is rejected by each institution) or decides that s/he does not wish to accept any of the offers made, s/he may choose to participate in Extra
  • If an applicant fails to accept or decline their offers by a specified date, UCAS will decline all offers by default (see UCAS Timetable for reply deadlines).
  • When applicants have made their replies, or once they have no live choices; application records for all their applications will be sent in the electronic UCAS file to those institutions to which they have applied.  Once an applicant’s record has become fully visible, it will never be set back to an invisible status.  Staff at Cardiff using SIMS will be able to view the choices in the VAS screen.  It is also possible to view the UCAS database HERCULES via the UCAS Weblink or the HAP screen in SIMS. Instructions on how to use HAP can be found in the Resources section of this page.  Access to the weblink is protected. Details of how to access  the UCAS weblink is available from Sally Duval in REGIS.
  • The applicant is contracted to take the place at the firm choice if they fulfil the conditions of the offer.  If the applicant fails to fulfil the conditions of the offer for the firm choice, they are contracted to accept the place at the insurance choice — if they meet the conditions of that offer.  If the candidate fails to meet the requirements of either offer, he/she may apply to institutions participating in Clearing, if they so wish.