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SIMS and Business Objects

What is SIMS?

  • The Student Information Management System (SIMS) is the institution wide database used by Cardiff University and hold details of all undergraduate applications to Cardiff University.
  • Retrieval of Student information is accessible through SIMS Online, with access to the SIMS being approved through completion of the appropriate application forms located here.
  • Access to SIMS may be obtained by contacting the SIMS Staff Access.

SIMS Staff Access


What is Business Objects?

  • Business Objects is a reporting tool that is currently being used in conjunction with SIMS to provide quick access to more sophisticated reporting needs.
  • Reports are written by INSRV at the request of the SIMS Information Needs Group (SING).
  • Access to Business Objects may be obtained by contacting the SIMS Staff Access.
  • Further information relating to admissions data via BusinessObjects can be accessed here.

Up to date information relating to BusinessObjects and SIMS can be located here.

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