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Applicants Declaring Criminal Conviction

UCAS applicants are required to declare only ‘relevant’ criminal convictions, ‘relevant’ being defined as offences against the person, whether of a violent or sexual nature or offences involving supplying controlled drugs or substances where the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking.  Applicants (except those applying for courses that are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974) are not required to declare any other type of conviction or confirm that they do not have any convictions.  The question concerning criminal conviction is therefore no longer mandatory and UCAS and REGIS will not ‘hold’ forms where no information is given.

All applications received by the University during the cycle will be referred to the relevant Admissions Tutor for consideration on academic and motivational grounds alone. Where necessary, fitness to practise assessment will be undertaken by those Schools at Heath Park Campus at the decision making stage.

Admissions Tutors are reminded of the need to ensure that any applicants invited for interview are NOT asked about any conviction that has been declared unless there is a fitness to practise issue.  If the matter is raised by the applicant during the course of the interview, the applicant should be informed that the decision whether to make the offer will be based on academic and motivational grounds alone at the initial stage.  No further discussion relating to the conviction should be entered into.

Admissions Tutors should return their decisions to REGIS.  If an offer of admissions is to be made, Admissions Tutors are reminded that this should not be communicated to the applicant in any format.

REGIS will process and confirm rejection decisions to applicants, either directly or via UCAS. 

Offers of admission will not be processed until the applicant has been considered by a Declaration of Criminal Conviction Panel.  REGIS will instigate a meeting of the Panel on behalf of the School.  The School and the applicant will remain informed of activity at all times.

The Panel will consider the application for admission in light of its duty of care to staff and students.  Where appropriate, advice will be sought.  The final decision whether or not to make an offer of admission will reside with the Panel.

The Panel will convey its decision to REGIS and the applicant will be informed via REGIS.