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Assessment Management

Class Tests

Assessment Management

A class test is; “A written assessment with fixed time-limit, conducted in accordance with [Senate Assessment] Regulations and which is organised by the relevant School outside of an Examination Period.”  

The Class Test Handbook is a guide for School staff to set out best practice and give advice on regulatory matters.

As a class test is under the control of the School, Registry is unable to provide invigilators, make room bookings and provide examination stationery. However, the Assessment and Graduation Team are available to offer advice and answer queries and can be contacted via or on ext.79000.

Examination Liaison Officer

Examination Liaison Officers (ELOs) are appointed by Heads of School to undertake the following roles:

  • to act as a contact person in the School on all matters relating to the organisation and conduct of examinations;
  • to ensure that the methods of assessment for each module are correctly held by the Registry;
  • to provide examination scheduling information to the Assessment & Graduation Team;
  • to check draft versions of Examination Timetables.

The Examination Liaison Officer Handbook provides important information and deadlines relating to scheduling of examination timetables and preparation of examination papers.

Examinations Outside Cardiff

The University will consider requests from individual students to sit examinations outside Cardiff and Cardiff University in the Resit Examination Period and, in exceptional circumstances, requests from individual students to sit Examinations outside Cardiff University at other times.

The Examinations Outside Cardiff Handbook will enable School staff to provide students with full information about requesting to sit their examinations outside Cardiff and Cardiff University.

Specific Provision

Any alternative examination arrangements for a student need to be requested by the individual concerned.  A student requiring support should speak to the Disability and Dyslexia Service - the Disability and Dyslexia Services' and Examination Arrangements webpage provides more information. Please note that any arrangements concerning special provision are not put in place automatically when the University is given general notification of a disability.

Contact Information

For further information please contact the Assessment and Graduation Team:
tel: ext. 79000
Email: /

Plagiarism and Unfair Practice

Students are given information relating to plagiarism and unfair practice throughout their programme.  Information about what happens to a student if they are suspected of this action is available on the Unfair Practice webpage.

For further information and advice please contact Student Cases at or on tel: ext.76628.