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Healthcare Studies - Postgraduate Research Programmes

Postgraduate Research programmes available for online application in the Cardiff School of Healthcare Studies are listed below, together with possible start dates.

The titles of research programmes are generic to encompass the wide range of research opportunities available. The research areas for MPhil and PhD specified below reflect the areas of expertise within this School. You will be given an opportunity to specify your proposed project/topic later in the application.

Research Areas for MPhil and PhD include:

Clinical Kinaesiology, Occupation and Health, Radiography: Communication in Healthcare Settings, Teenage Cancer, Educational and Professional Practice in Healthcare Studies

To proceed with your application:

  • identify the programme you want to apply for;
  • decide whether you would like to study on a full time or part time basis;
  • click on your preferred start date.


Programme name Mode of attendance Starting date
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (October Start)Full-time 01-Oct-2014
 Full-time 01-Oct-2015
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (January Start)Full-time 03-Jan-2015
 Full-time 03-Jan-2016
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (April Start)Full-time 01-Apr-2015
 Full-time 01-Apr-2016
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (July Start)Full-time 01-Jul-2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (October Start)Full-time 01-Oct-2014
 Full-time 01-Oct-2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (January Start)Full-time 03-Jan-2015
 Full-time 03-Jan-2016
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (April Start)Full-time 01-Apr-2015
 Full-time 01-Apr-2016
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (July Start)Full-time 01-Jul-2015
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (October Start)Part-time 01-Oct-2014
 Part-time 01-Oct-2015
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (January Start)Part-time 03-Jan-2015
 Part-time 03-Jan-2016
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (April Start)Part-time 01-Apr-2015
 Part-time 01-Apr-2016
Master of Philosophy (Health Care Studies) (July Start)Part-time 01-Jul-2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (October Start)Part-time 01-Oct-2014
 Part-time 01-Oct-2015
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (January Start)Part-time 03-Jan-2015
 Part-time 03-Jan-2016
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (April Start)Part-time 01-Apr-2015
 Part-time 01-Apr-2016
Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Studies) (July Start)Part-time 01-Jul-2015
  • If you have difficulty locating the programme you want to apply for:

  • check the name of the programme using the undergraduate or postgraduate prospectus
  • contact the Admissions Section at Cardiff University Registry by email at
    or by telephone +44 (0) 29 2087 9999 (08:30 to 17:00 GMT Monday to Friday)
  • download and complete an undergraduate or postgraduate paper application form.