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Stage One: Select a School

Before you can complete an online application form, you must choose a programme of study.

Programmes of study available for online application have been categorised by academic school and study level (undergraduate or postgraduate ) to assist with programme identification.

Please identify the School that offers the programme you would like to be admitted to and then click on the level of study you want.


School Undergraduate Postgraduate
Architecture Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Biosciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Business Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Chemistry Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Planning & Geography Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Computer Science & Informatics Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Dentistry Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Earth & Ocean Sciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Engineering Undergraduate  Postgraduate
English, Communication & Philosophy Undergraduate  Postgraduate
History, Archaeology & Religion Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Health Care Sciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies Undergraduate  
Journalism, Media & Cultural Studies Collaborative Programmes  Postgraduate
Law, Politics and International Relations Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Mathematics Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Medicine Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Modern Languages Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Music Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Optometry & Vision Sciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Physics & Astronomy Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Psychology Undergraduate  Postgraduate
Social Sciences Undergraduate  Postgraduate