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Lifelong Learning Humanities Modules

Below are a list of Lifelong Learning Humanities modules available for selection by first year undergraduate students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Free Standing Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

CE3250 - Introducing Moral Philosophy 
CE4789 - Introduction to Modern Media
CE4929 - What the Italians did for us: The influence of Italians on British Society and Culture
CE4932 - From the Florentine Camerata to Stalinist Russia: The story of Music in Five Genres
CE4939 - Exploring Children's Literature
CE4997 - Swords, Sandals, Sex and Socrates
CE5023 - Faith, Hope and Charity: A guide for the Wicked
CE5041 - The South Wales Miners, 1898-1985
CE5042 - The Nazi Rise to Power: Weimar Germany, 1914-33
CE5047 - Introduction to Playing the Blues
CE5048 - Reading the Past: Historical Fiction
CE5049 - Revenants, Spectres and Seances: The Supernatural in Folklore and Literature
CE5050 - Heroes, Monsters and Homecomings: Epic Journeys from the Classical World to Contemporary Culture
CE5046 - Europe on the Brink: The Origins of the First World War