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Religious Studies

Year One Religious Studies (40 credits) consists of two areas of study:
1. A broad introduction to classical areas of World Religion.
2. A discussion of the place of religion in human experience in relation to the social sciences.
This is an ideal component of any sociological or Humanities and Social Studies degree. It offers an introduction to the field. It complements other academic studies. It is a way of pursuing a personal interest or satisfying a curiosity.
A Level Religious Studies is NOT required.
Mature students are welcome.
Students taking BA Joint Honours Maths and Religious Studies or Religious Studies and Sociology will take 60 credits in Maths or Sociology and both Religious Studies double modules plus another 20 credit module (staff in Religious Studies will help find a suitable one) and will not take a third subject.

See also:
Theological Studies
Arabic (BA students only)
Greek (BA students only)
Hebrew (BA students only)
Timetable Group C.

RT1111 Introduction to the Study of Religion 1
RT1112 Introduction to the Study of Religion 2