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Philosophy is available in the following BA degree programmes:
Philosophy (single Honours) and Philosophy (Joint Honours).
BA Philosophy Single Honours students must take 60 credits in Philosophy in their first year (SE4101, SE4103, SE4104).
BA Philosophy Joint Honours students must take a minimum of 40 credits in Philosophy (SE4101, SE4103). SE4104 is also recommended for Joint Honours students.
BA students taking Philosophy as an additional subject must take both Philosophy modules (SE4101, SE4103 - please note that for BA students these double modules are co-requisites. Such students are normally expected to have the Philosophy entrance requirement of ABB at A-level. This restriction does not apply to mature-age students.
BScEcon students may take either SE4103 alone, or SE4101 and SE4103 together. SE4101 is NOT available alone.
Timetable Group E.

SE4101 Mind, Thought and Reality
SE4103 Moral and Political Philosophy
SE4104 Four Great Works in Philosophy


For students who wish to study Philosophy through the medium of Welsh, we have two modules available in place of SE4103 and SE4104:

SE4105 Darllen Athroniaeth (Reading Philosophy)
SE4106 Y Da, Drwg a’r Gwleidyddol (The Good, the Bad and the Political)

Please see a member of administrative staff in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy Undergraduate Office (Room 2.67, in the John Percival Building) if you wish to take SE4105 or SE4106.