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Only available to BA students

Students taking BA single Honours Music must enrol for 80 credits in Music.
Students taking BA Jt Hons Maths & Music must enrol for 60 Music credits.
Students taking other BA Joint Honours Music are recommended to enrol for 80 credits in Music but must enrol for 40 Music credits.
For BA students wishing to take Music as an additional subject:
You must enrol for 40 credits and your choice of modules should be made in consultation with a member of the academic staff from the School of Music at enrolment. Choices will be subject to timetabling constraints.
For students with A levels, a good A level grade in Music is required.
For students without A levels and all mature students, acceptance will be subject to the outcome of a written paper to be sat in enrolment week by arrangement.
Timetable Group F.

MU1107 Composition 1A
MU1208 Composition 1B
MU1124 Ethnomusicology I
MU1125 Elements of Tonal Music I
MU1227 Elements of Tonal Music II
MU1217 Fundamental Acoustics
MU1226 History of Popular Music
MU1314 Practical Musicianship I
MU1317 Repertoire Studies
MU1127 The Full Works
MU1230 From Page To Stage: Dramaturgy in Musical Theatre