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Only available to BA students

BA Joint Honours students taking Mathematics must take 60 credits in Mathematics and 60 credits in their other Honours subject. It is not normally possible for these students to take an additional subject.
BA students taking Mathematics as an additional subject must take 40 credits in Mathematics.
All BA students choose modules from those listed and will be advised on their choice at Humanities & Social Studies Academic & Advising Enrolment.
All students are expected to have gained a grade A in Mathematics at A-level, or its equivalent.
Mathematics is in timetable groups A & G (core modules) and B & H (optional modules).

MA0003 Preliminary Mathematics I (Level 3 Module)
MA0004 Preliminary Mathematics II (Level 3 Module)
MA0111 Elementary Number Theory I
MA1003 Computing for Mathematics
MA1004 Geometry
MA1005 Foundations of Mathematics I
MA1006 Foundations of Mathematics II (Precursor: MA1005 Foundations of Mathematics I)
MA1007 Vectors and Matrices
MA1300 Mechanics I
MA1500 Introduction to Probability Theory
MA1501 Statistical Inference (Precursor: MA1500 Introduction to Probability Theory)