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No previous knowledge of Italian is required for the beginners' subject but entry will normally be restricted to students with an A level (normally Grade B or higher) in any modern language (or Latin). An advanced course is provided for those who already have an A-Level Italian.
Beginners take: EU3102 and EU8103.
Advanced students take: EU3101 and EU8103. Module EU8103 is only compulsory for BA students.
All students taking BA Joint Honours Italian and Japanese will take 60 credits in Japanese, 40 credits in Italian and a further 20 non-language credits taught within the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics and selected from the list published at the end of the Japanese entry in this Guide.
Timetable Group G.

EU3101 Italian Language (Year 1) Advanced
EU3102 Italian Language (Year 1) Beginners
EU8103 Modern Italy: Birth of a Nation?
EU8100 - Introduction to Translation Methods
EU8101 - Introduction to Theory of Translation