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Physics Exchange

Below are a list of Physics modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).


PX1121 Mechanics and Matter
PX1122 Mathematical Methods for Physicists I
PX1123 Experimental Physics I
PX1124 The Universe from Particles to Galaxies
PX1125 Mathematical Practice for Physical Sciences
PX1126 Engaging Physics
PX1221 Electricity, Magnetism and Waves
PX1222 Mathematical Methods for Physicists II
PX1223 Experimental Physics II
PX1224 Computational Skills for Problem Solving
PX1225 Planets and Exoplanets
PX1226 How the Human Body Works
PX2131 The Physics of Fields and Flows
PX2132 Introductory Quantum Mechanics
PX2133 Intermediate Practical Physics I
PX2134 Structured programming
PX2135 Electronic Instrumentation
PX2136 The Sun and Stars
PX2138 Engaging Physics
PX2137 Electricity in the Human Body
PX2231 Thermal and Statistical Physics
PX2232 Optics
PX2233 Intermediate Practical Physics II
PX2234 Synoptic Physics
PX2235 Synoptic Astrophysics
PX2236 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
PX2237 Radiation in Medical Diagnosis
PX2338 Observational Techniques in Astronomy
PX3141 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
PX3142 Condensed Matter Physics
PX3143 Computational Physics
PX3144 Electromagnetic Radiation Detection
PX3145 Formation and Evolution of Stars
PX3146 Cosmology
PX3147 Digital Medical Imaging
PX3148 Acoustics and Studio Sound
PX3149 Commercialising Innovation
PX3241 Particle Physics and Special Relativity
PX3242 Semiconductor Devices and Applications
PX3243 Laser Physics and Non-Linear Optics
PX3244 Extragalactic Astrophysics
PX3245 High-Energy Astrophysics
PX3246 Medical Ultrasound
PX3247 Radiation for Medical Therapy
PX3248 Theoretical Physics
PX3249 Statistical Mechanics
PX3250 Environmental Physics
PX3315 Physics Project
PX3316 Astrophysics Project
PX3318 Medical Physics Project
PX4119 Large Molecules and Life
PX4121 Quantum Field Theory
PX4122 Quantum Information Processing
PX4124 Introduction to General Relativity
PX4125 Instrumentation for Astronomy
PX4128 Data Analysis
PX4221 Low Dimensional Semiconductor Devices
PX4222 Modern Quantum Optics
PX4223 Physics of the Early Universe
PX4224 Advanced General Relativity and Gravitational Waves
PX4226 Quantum Theory of Solids
PX4229 Interstellar Medium and Star Formation
PX4230 Physics and Reality
PX4310 Project