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Mathematics Modules

Below are a list of Mathematics modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

MA0003 Preliminary Mathematics I 
MA0004 Preliminary Mathematics II 
MA0111 Elementary Number Theory I 
MA0212 Linear Algebra 
MA0213 Groups
MA0216 Elementary Number Theory II 
MA0221 Analysis III 
MA0232 Modelling with Differential Equations 
MA0235 Elementary Fluid Dynamics 
MA0261 Operational Research 
MA0276 Visual Basic Programming For OR 
MA0291 Accountancy
MA0322 Knots
MA0332 Fluid Dynamics
MA0358 Mathematical Programming
MA0367 Time Series Analysis & Forecasting
MA1001 Elementary Differential Equations 
MA1004 Geometry 
MA1005 Foundations of Mathematics I
MA1006 Foundations of Mathematics II
MA1007 Vectors and Matrices
MA1003 Computing for Mathematics 
MA1300 Mechanics I 
MA1500 Introduction to Probability Theory 
MA1501 Statistical Inference 
MA2001 Calculus of Several Variables
MA2002 Matrix Algebra 
MA2003 Complex Analysis 
MA2004 Series and Transforms
MA2005 Ordinary Differential Equations
MA2300 Mechanics II 
MA2301 Vector Calculus
MA2500 Foundations of Probability and Statistics
MA2700 Numerical Analysis II 
MA3000 Complex Function Theory
MA3003 Groups, Rings, and Fields
MA3004 Combinatorics 
MA3005 Introduction to Functional and Fourier Analysis
MA3006 Introduction to Coding Theory and Data Compression
MA3301 Applied Nonlinear Systems 
MA3303 Theoretical and Computational Partial Differential Equations
MA3304 Methods of Applied Mathematics
MA3501 Elements of Mathematical Statistics
MA3502 Regression Analysis and Experimental Design
MA3503 Stochastic Processes for Finance and Insurance
MA3504 Official Statistics
MA3505 Multivariate Statistics
MA3601 Queueing, Inventory and Game Theory
MA3602 Algorithms and Heuristics
MA3700 Mathematical Methods for Data Mining
MA4001 Functional Analysis
MA4007 Measure Theory
MA4008 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MA4009 Mathematical Principles of Image Processing
MA4011 Combinatorial and Analytic Number Theory
MA4012 Finite Elasticity
MA4013 Advanced topics in Analysis with application to PDEs
MA4901 Reading Module