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Lifelong Learning Language Modules (European)

Below are a list of  Lifelong Learning European Language modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

CE4444 - Croatian (Serbian, Bosnian)
CE1091 - French Language A
CE1092 - French Language B
CE1093 - French Language C
CE1094 - French Language D
CE1095 - French Language E
CE1096 - French Language F
CE2044 - French Language G
CE2045 - French Language H
CE2091 - German Language A
CE2092 - German Language B
CE2093 - German Language C
CE2094 - German Language D
CE2095 - German Language E
CE2096 - German Language F
CE2041 - German Language G
CE2042 - German Language H
CE1678 - Greek For Beginners I
CE1679 - Greek For Beginners II
CE2216 - Greek For Improvers I
CE2217 - Greek For Improvers II
CE3525 - Intermediate Russian
CE3091 - Italian Language A
CE3092 - Italian Language B
CE3093 - Italian Language C
CE3094 - Italian Language D
CE3095 - Italian Language E
CE3096 - Italian Language F
CE3941 - Polish For Beginners Stage A
CE2212 - Portuguese For Beginners A
CE2213 - Portuguese For Improvers B
CE3050 - Russian For Beginners I
CE3051 - Russian For Beginners II
CE3277 - Russian For Improvers I
CE3278 - Russian For Improvers II
CE4091 - Spanish Language A
CE4092 - Spanish Language B
CE4093 - Spanish Language C
CE4094 - Spanish Language D
CE4095 - Spanish Language E
CE4096 - Spanish Language F
CE2221 - Spanish Language G
CE2222 - Spanish Language H
CE3631 - Turkish For Beginners I
CE3632 - Turkish For Beginners II