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English, Communication and Philosophy Modules

Below are a list of English, Communication and Philosophy modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

Year Long (runs across both semesters)

SE4313 - Philosophy of Mind



SE1318 - Research Methods
SE1327 - Lifespan Communication
SE1329 - Language Learning and Teaching
SE1340 - Functions of Grammar
SE1362 - Discourse
SE1370 - Words & Meaning
SE1373 - Visual Communication
SE1396 - Patterns of Language
SE1407 - Sound in Action
SE2283 - Fiction of The Indian Subcontinent
SE1409 - The Graphic Memoir
SE1411 - Sound, Structure and Meaning
SE1413 - Dialect in Literature and Film
SE2283 - Fiction of the Indian Subcontinent
SE2448 - Modern Welsh Writing in English
SE2461 - Introduction to Visual Culture
SE2463 - Modernism and the City
SE2560 - Norse Myth and Saga
SE2568 - Writing Caribbean Slavery
SE2570 - French Theory
SE2578 - R. S. Thomas: No Truce with the Furies
SE2590 - Modern British Political Drama
SE4367 - Metaethics
SE4379 - The Problem of Consciousness
SE4380 - French Philosophy: Sartre To Badiou
SE4386 - Feminist Philosophy
SE4398 - Epistemology
SE4401 - Political Philosophy: Methods & Approaches
SE5306 - Nietzsche


SE1339 - Social Interaction
SE1363 - Nonverbal Communication
SE1369 - Sociolinguistics
SE1397 - Language, Genre and Ideology
SE1398 - History of English
SE1403 - Language & Gender
SE1409 - The Graphic Memoir
SE1411 - Sound, Structure and Meaning
SE2441 - Reading Old English
SE2449 - Ways of Reading
SE2579 - Canterbury Tales: Genre, History, Interpretation
SE2586 - Middle English Romance: Monsters and Magic
SE2591 - Four English Poets of the Twentieth Century
SE2592 - Poetry in the Making: Modern Literary Manuscripts
SE2593 - Postcolonial Theory
SE4312 - Philosophy of Science
SE4325 - Philosophy and The Arts
SE4329 - Philosophy and Literary Theory
SE4358 - Philosophy of Language
SE4364 - Metaphysics
SE4372 - Moral Psychology
SE4373 - Modern Moral Philosophy
SE4390 - Kant & Heidegger
SE4392 - Advanced Moral Philosophy