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Contents and Introduction



Welcome to your period of study at Cardiff University.

About this Module Catalogue

This online guide provides you with details of modules available to exchange students whose "Home" school permits the study of modules offered by other schools. Please read it in conjunction with the enrolment information on the web pages at As you read through the Catalogue you may come across some terms which are unfamiliar to you, these are defined below.

For ease of reference, the modules are arranged in alphabetical order by subject area (e.g. English Literature, Mathematics, Welsh, etc.). Details of the credit value, semester taught, a brief description of the content and any special requirements for each module are provided to help you in your choice. All module choices must be agreed with your "Home" school first.

Formal enrolment on these modules will take place at your Home school enrolment event. Full details of the procedure for registering for additional modules from other schools is provided on the following pages. Once you have registered on a module, it may be possible for you to change your mind, but only within the first three weeks of the Autumn semester (for those modules starting in the Autumn) and within the first three weeks of the Spring semester (for those modules starting in the Spring). Your home school will be able to advise you on the procedure to follow should you wish to amend your choice of modules.This

Definition of Terms

Credit: The value of a unit of study where each single module shall have a value of ten credits.

Home School: The school which has initiated the exchange.

Semester: As determined by Council on the advice of Senate, a specified period of study normally including any in-course assessment and/or class test(s).

Subject Area: A group of related modules within one academic discipline.

Subject Areas

Ancient History Modules
Archaeology Modules
English, Communication and Philosophy Modules
Geography and Planning Modules 
History and Welsh History Modules
Lifelong Learning Computing Modules
Lifelong Learning Humanities Modules
Lifelong Learning Law, Politics, International Relations and Business Modules
Lifelong Learning Science and Environment Modules
Lifelong Learning Social Studies Modules
Mathematics Modules
Modern Languages Modules
Physics Modules
Religious and Theological Studies Modules
Welsh Modules 
Appendix 1


1 Notes of Guidance

Please note that all essential enrolment information that you may need can be found at .
Details of your Home school enrolment event are also available from the above web page. Exchange students who are permitted by their home school to take one or more modules from another school, will need to seek advice from the school(s) offering the module(s) and will be able to obtain details of all schools' enrolment events from a link from the same web page.
Please read these notes of guidance carefully before coming to enrolment so that you are sure of how to enrol on additional modules. If you follow these instructions you should find that your enrolment will run smoothly.

2 Online Enrolment

You should have received an email or letter advising you to complete the online enrolment task. By completing the online enrolment task, you will have formally enrolled at Cardiff University and confirmed that the programme of study you have enrolled on is correct.

3 Collect University Student Card

You will need to collect your University student card from the 4th Floor of the Students' Union. This card has a variety of purposes including proof of your identity, access to library facilities and permits access to University buildings. Details of where you can obtain your Cardiff University student card are available here.

4 School Enrolment & Selection of Optional Modules

You will be required to select your optional modules via an online Module Selection task but you are advised to seek guidance from your 'Home' school before completing this task.
You should attend your 'Home' school enrolment event according to the times specified in the School Enrolment Information web pages. Your 'Home' school will be able to provide guidance on what would be an appropriate choice of module(s) for you. It is important to note that any module(s) you choose must fit into your overall teaching timetable. You will only be able to establish this at enrolment with your home school. It is therefore advisable to select a number of modules as reserves in case you are not able to register on your first choice(s). You might find it helpful to enter your provisional choices on the form (Appendix 1) provided at the back of the catalogue.
When you have agreed with your 'Home' school the modules you wish to take from another school, you should go to the other school to request the module(s).
Once your module choices have been agreed with all school(s), you will then need to select all the modules for the academic session via the online Module Selection Facility. If you need any advice or guidance about completing this task, you should go to your 'Home'school.

NB Availability of Modules

All students are notified that the modules advertised or referred to in this catalogue are liable to be changed or withdrawn both before and after selection, for any reason including those set out below. Cardiff University accepts no responsibility for any such change or withdrawals of modules and students select modules at their own risk.

Reasons that may cause the change or withdrawal of modules include the loss of any key member of staff or insufficient take-up of modules by students; this list is not exhaustive.


Monday 28 September 2015 - Sunday 24 January 2016
(Christmas Recess: Saturday 12 December 2015 - Sunday 3 January 2016).


Monday 25 January 2016 - Friday 10 June 2016
(Easter Recess: Saturday 19 March 2016 - Sunday 10 April 2016).