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Archaeology Modules

Below are a list of Archaeology modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that when you click on the module link, the full module description will open in a new window).

Modules suitable for students in the Autumn semester only:-

HS2120 - Ancient Egypt
HS2102 - Archaeology Of The Greek & Roman World
HS2117 - Great Discoveries In Archaeology
HS2100 - Human Origins, Complexity And Civilisation
HS2305 - Later Bronze Age Britain
HS2307 - Early Anglo-Saxon England
HS2421 - Museums Collection Management

Modules suitable for students in Spring semester only:-

HS2103 - British Pre-History
HS2104 - Post-Roman and Medieval Britain
HS2306 - Iron Age Britain
HS2309 - Middle & Later Anglo-Saxon England
HS2410 - Pharaohs of the Sun

Modules suitable for students Registered for BOTH semesters only:-

HS2311 - Neolithic Europe
HS2340 - Post-Roman Celtic Britain
HS2350 - History of Archaeological Thought
HS2387 - Aegean Bronze Age: Emergence to Collapse
HS2389 - Art and Archaeology of Classical Greece
HS2425 - Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity