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Archaeology Modules

Below are a list of Archaeology modules available for selection by continuing undergraduate students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Free Standing Modules. (Please note that most of these modules are capped, so prospective students will need to contact the School of History, Archaeology and Religion directly to check availability).


Modules Suitable for Students in the AUTUMN Semester Only:-

HS2305 - Later Bronze Age Britain
HS2307 - Early Anglo-Saxon England
HS2418 - Introduction to Spatial Techniques and Technologies
HS2421 - Museums Collections Management

Modules Suitable for Students in the SPRING Semester Only:-

HS2306 - Iron Age Britain
HS2309 - Middle and Later Saxon England
HS2410 - Pharaohs of The Sun
HS2419 - Geographic Information Systems for Archaeologists and Ancient Historians

Modules Suitable for Students Registered for BOTH Semesters Only:-

HS2311 - Neolithic Europe
HS2340 - Post-Roman Celtic Britain
HS2350 - The History of Archaeological Thought
HS2387 - Aegean Bronze Age: Emergence To Collapse
HS2389 - Art & Archaeology of Classical Greece
HS2428 - Heritage Communication
HS2431 - Ceramics in Archaeology
HS2432 - Bioarchaeology
HS2123 - The Archaeology of Mediterranean Societies: Egypt, Greece and Rome
HS2125 - Analysing Archaeology
HS2126 - Discovering Archaeology
HS2124 - Deep Histories: The Archaeology of Britain
HS2110 - Polymers in Conservation 1