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Ancient History Modules

Below are a list of Ancient History modules available for selection by exchange students who are pursuing a programme that allows for the selection of Exchange Modules. (Please note that most of the modules are capped, so prospective students will need to contact the School of History, Archaeology and Religion directly to check availability).


Modules Suitable for Students in the AUTUMN Semester Only:-

HS3343 Latin Historical Texts 
HS3330 Gods & the Polis: Athenian Festivals
HS3345 Greek Historical Texts 
HS4358 Life in Ancient Rome
HS3421 Reading Latin 1 
HS3423 Reading Greek 1 
HS4336 Pots, Poems and Pictures: Using Evidence for Ancient History

Modules Suitable for Students in the SPRING Semester Only:-

HS3322 Reading Latin 2
HS3324 Reading Greek 2
HS3326 Inscriptions and Athenian History
HS3331 Roman Religion
HS3344 Latin Historical Texts
HS3346 Greek Historical Texts
HS3376 Greek and Roman Medicine
HS4363 Houses in Roman Italy

Modules Suitable for Students Registered for BOTH Semesters Only:-

HS2387 Aegean Bronze Age: Emergence To Collapse
HS2389 Art & Archaeology of Classical Greece
HS2428 Heritage Communication
HS3317 Roman Imperial History 31BC - AD138
HS3318 The Later Roman Empire AD284 - 602
HS3374 Tyrants, Kings and Democrats: the Rise of Classical Greece
HS4308 Death and Burial in the Roman World
HS4366 Greek Warfare