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Step 5. Cardiff University Student Card

This card has a number of important functions:

  • proof of identity
  • library and e-learning card
  • security card to gain entry to University buildings
Do I need a Student Card?

Yes. All students are required to carry a Student Card when on University premises. The collection of the student card is a mandatory step in the completion of the enrolment process. You should collect your card in person within two weeks of the start date of your course (with the exception of those students on courses designated distance learning).

How do I get my Student Card?

Before you collect your Student Card you must have completed online enrolment. You will need to collect your Student Card from one of the Student Card venues listed below and you will be required to provide proof of identity  . 

International students must bring their original passport and visa. 

UK Nationals must bring either their original passport, Naturalisation Certificate, Right of Abode Certificate or birth certificate, if you do not have one of these you must bring two other forms of ID, however you will only be issued a temporary Student Card, you will have six weeks from the start of your course to provide an original passport or birth certificate.  Failure to do may result in your registration with the University being terminated.

EEA Nationals are required to bring either an original EEA passport or National Identity card.


Cathays Park based Students UK & EEA Nationals
Security Centre, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT. (map ref: 35)

Monday - Thursday: 9.30am - 4.30pm 
Friday: 9.30am - 4.00pm


 International Students

International Student Support, 3rd Floor, Students' Union, Park Place, Cardiff, CF10 3AT. (map ref: 38)


Monday - Friday: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Heath Park based Students UK & EEA Nationals (International Students need to attend International Student Support)
Student Card Issue, Ground Floor, The Cochrane Building, Heath Park, Cardiff, CF14 4YU. (map ref: 115)Monday - Friday: 10.00am - 3.00pm

***Please ensure that you have your student number to hand when you attend the venue***

Please note that the University will close for Christmas recess from the 24 December 2015 and will reopen on the 4 January 2016.  There will not be any Student Card collection available during this time.

What happens if I do not collect my Student Card?

You have not completed the enrolment process until you have collected your Student Card. A delay in collecting your student card will result in a delay in you receiving your Student Loans Company payments (if eligible). 

If you are an International student, the University is required under its Sponsor Licence agreement with the United Kingdom Visa Immigration (UKVI) to report you as 'Not in attendance'. 

Under University regulations, failure to collect your student card within two weeks of the start of your course will result in you being withdrawn from your course.

Can I apply for my Student Card by post?

If you are on a course that is designated as being delivered via distance learning and you wish to have a Student Card you will need to complete the Student Card Request form and send it to your school office with a passport photograph. You will need to make arrangements with your school for its distribution to you when it has been produced.

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