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Licensing Technologies

Cardiff University (CU) has a strong track record of successful exploitation of intellectual property developed from its research base. Licensing and royalty agreements — which enable businesses to use Cardiff research commercially — bring enormous benefits to a range of companies and often results in the establishment of joint ventures and new company formation.  In 2006-2007 the University received an approximate licensing income of £1.5M and was ranked in the top 7 UK universities for licensing income. University inventors are rewarded for the successful licensing of University technology via the University’s royalty distribution scheme - for more information see the


Net Revenue Inventor(s) School University
£1 - £2,000100%0%0%
£2,001 - £42,00060%20%20%
£42,001 - £200,00050%25%25%


Examples of recent successes can be found on the latest ventures page.