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The Cardiff Partnership Fund

The Cardiff Partnership Fund (CPF) is a seed corn fund which was awarded to Cardiff University in 2000.  The aim of the Fund is to provide small amounts of proof of concept and feasibility funding to projects with commercial potential, in order to bring those projects closer to the market.  The funding provided by CPF is made as an investment, with the expectation that financial returns from the investments made will flow back into the fund.

All applications are required to be managed through the Technology Transfer Team within RACD, who will aid applicants in pulling together the information required for the Application Form.

All applications are reviewed by the Advisory Board, consisting of members from Cardiff University and the local business and finance community.  Applicants will be asked to give a formal presentation to the Board and will then be given feedback following the Board’s appraisal of the application.

If a positive decision has been reached, the Technology Transfer Team will then be responsible for putting an investment agreement in place containing the terms and conditions of the investment being made by CPF. 

For more information on CPF and how to make an application, please contact any of the Technology Transfer Team.