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In order to file a patent  the Technology Transfer Officer will arrange a meeting with a Patent Agent and the appropriate documentation will be drafted, taking into consideration all the available information regarding the technology and the background publications / patents.  Patent applications will be filed in the name of  University College Cardiff Consultants Limited (UC3) or jointly with third parties as appropriate. Each inventor will be required to execute the standard UC3 Assignment document. Usually, a British Initial Patent Application will be filed at the Patent Office and will be given a priority date and application number.

Patent Timeline

Before filing a patent application it is critical that the inventor works in partnership with the Technology Transfer Officer and that this continues throughout the patent process.

The filing of a patent initiates the patent process. From the priority date the inventor has 12 months to add any additional information to the patent specification prior to completion. During this period the Technology Transfer Officer will meet to discuss progress of the work at three monthly intervals. Meetings with the Patent Agent will be arranged at appropriate times. Prior to the completion date the patent application will be considered by the Technology Transfer Group  or the Commercial Advisory Panel to ensure that the technology is complete before proceeding any further. If the application is incomplete at this time it will either be allowed to lapse or it may be re-filed as a British Initial Patent Application provided no disclosures of the technology have taken place during the 12 month period.

On the completion date the patent can either proceed  into  the International Phase (PCT) or directly into the National Phase. More details of this process can  be found on the Patent Office Website. The patenting process is monitored by the Technology Transfer Group and is reviewed regularly as the patent moves through the examination process. The Commercial Advisory Panel provides advice and reviews all aspects of the patent process  particularly  at the National Phase.