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3 - Protection of Intellectual Property

Following an assessment and evaluation of technology the appropriate route for protection of the intellectual property will be determined. The following list shows the various types of intellectual property rights: 

  • Patents : required to protect technical inventions and to prevent others from using the invention without the owner's consent
  • Trademarks : required to uniquely identify the products, goods or services as arising from a particular source   
  • Copyright  : required when a literary, musical or dramatic work (including computer software) is created and prevents the unauthorised copying or exploitation of the copyrighted work.
  • Confidential Information and Know-how : includes any information which the owner wishes to be regarded as confidential and may include commercially valuable information
  • Design Rights  (Registered and Unregistered) : required to protect the visual appearance and shape of an article and prohibit the unauthorised reproduction or manufacture of the article

Further details can be found at the  Patent Office Website .

Where required Material Transfer Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements will be used to protect materials and information of a confidential nature.

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