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1 - Contact the Technology Transfer group

The Technology Transfer Group has knowledge and expertise over the breadth of academic subjects. Please contact us using the details on the Contact the Technology Transfer Group page. The relevant Technology Transfer Officer will be able to answer your questions regarding any aspects relating to your intellectual property, including patent protection, confidential information and the transfer of material between other academic/commercial organisations.

The Staff Member will be required to provide information on the following:

  • any preliminary publication or patent search information  
  • any information on competitors in the field
  • any prior disclosures of the technology including departmental seminars
  • information on internal and external collaborators
  • potential partners for the technology
  • involvement of PhD or Undergraduate students

You will be required to complete a Technology Disclosure Form depending on the information obtained on initial contact. A Technology Transfer Officer may also arrange to visit you to discuss the research / technology further.

> Step 2 - Assessment & Evaluation of Technology