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FUSION IP: "Turning world class research into business"

What is Fusion IP?

Fusion IP was formed in 2002 to work with universities as a partner to take intellectual property to the marketplace via spin-out companies and out-licensing. It's an AIM-listed company on the London Stock Exchange. In 2007, Cardiff University joined Fusion IP in a partnership across all Schools, in which Cardiff University became a major shareholder in Fusion IP. In return Fusion IP raised a Cardiff investment fund of £8.2 million and owns the exclusive rights to establish new spin out companies arising from Cardiff University-owned research. In 2009, IP Group plc became a shareholder in Fusion IP and this partnership extends the expertise and resource available to the University to assist in the commercialisation of research.

What does Fusion IP do?

When a University researcher discovers something with commercial potential, Fusion IP acts as both an expert in start-up business management and finance; and as an investor. The Fusion IP team, based in Newport Road, works closely with the University's technology transfer office (RACDV) to assess each opportunity and the research with the most spin-out company potential is turned into a new start-up company using Fusion's investment fund. In addition, Fusion IP has access to additional funds through its co-investment partners Finance Wales and IP Group plc.

Fusion IP doesn't just write researchers a cheque. The team helps write business plans and develop the commercial strategy needed to turn an academic discovery into a commercial success. Fusion IP has two Managers who work alongside Cardiff University technology transfer staff. Dr Carl Griffiths leads the physical sciences portfolio and Dr Dominic Griffiths leads the health and life sciences portfolio.

How does it benefit an academic researcher to partner with Fusion IP?

Fusion IP is just that: a partner. Owned by the University, it's dedicated to bringing out the commercial value in academic research, and has the resources to do it. From the initial planning, to raising the money necessary to start the company, the Fusion IP team will help turn your world-class research into business, in which you will be a key shareholder.

Recognising the need to motivate its inventors, the University has agreed with Fusion IP that academic founders of a spin-out company receive 40% of the equity in any new business at inception, which aligns the interests of all stakeholders in the process.

Fusion IP also has a number of key external relationships that can aid any new spin-out company. One of its strongest allies is Finance Wales, the investment arm of the Welsh Assembly Government, which has more than £130 million under its control.


For more information on Fusion IP, please see the relevant pages on the Fusion IP website, or, 

Specific details of the relationship between Fusion IP and Cardiff University