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Cardiff University’s Indemnity/Insurance

Activity for which University insurance is required

Whenever the University is deemed to be involved in specific research activity, the University must have appropriate insurance in place.  Involvement could, for example, mean the University is responsible for the design and/or management of specific research activity; the University receives monies for that research activity; or the research activity uses University facilities.

NHS and Commercial Indemnity

Neither NHS Indemnity nor Commercial Indemnity cover Cardiff University itself, should the injured party sue the University AND the NHS or the University AND the Commercial Company.  In such cases, the University requires its own insurance to cover itself should the University be found responsible for that harm (i.e. the University had been negligent) or has to pay defence costs to successfully defend any claim.

Negligent and Non-Negligent Harm

The University’s insurance cover only routinely provides for negligent harm.  Where arrangements for non-negligent harm cover are required, the RG Team shall contact UMAL for further advice.

University insurance cover

The University has insurance cover for:

  • Public Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Professional Negligence
  • Clinical Trials

UMAL provide a ‘to whom it may concern’ letter detailing the level of insurance the University holds.  This letter is renewed annually on 1st August.  

Insurance for Clinical Research/Clinical Trials

Although the University has insurance cover for Clinical Research/Clinical Trials in place; not all activities are automatically covered by the University's Insurer (UMAL). Any Clinical Research/Trial which fulfills one or more of the following criteria may require referral to UMAL for confirmation that insurance cover can be provided:

  • investigating or participating in methods of contraception
  • assisting or altering with the process of conception
  • the use of drugs
  • the use of surgery
  • genetic engineering 
  • pharmaceutical product/appliance designed or manufactured by Cardiff University
  • work outside of the United Kingdom
  • subjects under 5 years of age
  • subjects known to be pregnant

If one or more of the above criteria applies please use the flowchart below to determine if your research project/trial is automatically covered or requires referral to UMAL. If referral is required please complete and return the insurance questionnaire below to the RG Team. In addition to the Referral Form the CI should provide the RG team with the following:

  • the protocol;
  • all patient information sheets and consent forms;
  • details of Staff involved in the research and the activities they will undertake;
  • proposed start date of the research and its duration.

For Clinical Research/Trials that are covered automatically the standard ‘To whom it may concern’ letter, provided by UMAL, should be used as evidence that appropriate insurance is in place. The CI should request this letter from the RG Team.

Insurance Referral Flow Chart

*Medicinal Purpose means:

  1. treating or preventing disease or diagnosing disease or
  2. ascertaining the existence degree of or extent of a physiological condition or
  3. assisting with or altering in any way the process of conception or
  4. investigating or participating in methods of contraception or
  5. inducing anaesthesia or
  6. otherwise preventing or interfering with the normal operation of a physiological function

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