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Applying for Sponsorship under the Research Governance Framework for Health & Social Care

Any research involving NHS or social care services must have a Research Governance Sponsor. The Sponsor is the organisation that takes responsibility for confirming there are appropriate arrangements to initiate, manage, monitor, and finance a study. To ensure that studies taking place within Cardiff University meet the necessary standards, all studies falling under the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care are required to be registered with Research, Innovation & Enterprise Services at Cardiff University. 

Application Procedure

To apply for Sponsorship from the University, researchers are required to complete and return Cardiff University's Advanced Project Information Proforma (APIP) available below. Please note the APIP form has replaced the SPON form previously used when applying for University Sponsorship.


Completed APIP forms must be accompanied with the following documents:

  • a full protocol;
  • copies of participant information sheets and consent forms;
  • questionnaires/interview schedules (if applicable);
  • evidence that the study has received scientific/peer review*

All of the above may be send to electronically (electronic signatures are acceptable).

*N.B. one of the following may be accepted as evidence of appropriate peer/scientific review: confirmation from a funder (e.g. funding letter); a favourable review letter from the Cardiff and Vale Research Review Service (or 'CaRRs'- a joint University/NHS review service); a favourable review from a School Scientific Review panel, or written reviews from two members of academic/clinical staff who have a good understanding of the field but who are independent to the research (i.e. not an Academic Supervisor).

Please return completed APIP forms and study documents to

Alternatively, if you have been requested to complete the APIP by a member of Research, Innovation & Enterprise Services' staff, please return the completed proforma to that requestor.

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