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Management Information and Reporting

Research and Commercial Data from RACD Business Objects Reporting

Applying for an account:

To apply for access to research and commercial reports through Business Objects:

1.   Complete the application form: Oracle EBS and Business Objects for Oracle EBS: Access Request Form Schools/Directorates.

2.   Email the form to your Head of School/Directorate for authorisation

3.   Your HoS / HoD should email the form to (the email must come from their account as confirmation of authorisation)  The HoS / HoD will receive an e-mail from insrvConnect confirming the request has been received, along with a call reference number.

4.   Requests will be normally be completed within 7 days and you will receive an e-mail notification of your account and how to access it  (If you are requesting access to both Oracle and Business Objects reporting, you will receive separate notification emails for each account)

What happens to your request at the other end?

•    If you have asked for Oracle access, Oracle Functional Support with check your request, and provided there is appropriate approval, will set up an Oracle user account for you. 

•    If you have asked for Business Objects access and/or access to view data related to projects other than your own, your request will be checked by RACD and provided there is appropriate approval, RACD will set up a Business Objects account for you and arrange access to the range of projects you need.

What should you do if you have a query about your request?

All access request forms should be forwarded by the authorising HoS or HoD to

If you have a query after sending in a request:

•    For Oracle accounts, contact Oracle EBS Functional Support via or call Extension 74487, quoting the original call reference number.

•    For Business Objects accounts (Research and Commercial reports), contact RACD on or call Extension 75834.

•    If you are not sure, contact RACD on call Extension 75834.

Changing access rights:

o  To change your access rights, please follow the process above for new account requests, completing the application form with your new details. 

o  If you are replacing one user for another, please follow the process above and also advise us of the old username.

o  To remove access from a user, please send an email to .

o  When a user changes department, it is important that you advise us of the changes, so please submit a change of access rights as above.

Requesting amendments to existing or new Business Objects Reports:

Business Objects reports can be manipulated:

•    All Business Objects reports are master templates which have been set up to allow standard sets of data to be drawn down by authorised users.  Each report template has a generic layout which is designed to suit as many users as possible.

•    Of course, it is not always possible to fit every user’s requirements into a template for general use, so Business Objects users are able to modify the layout and appearance of reports, set filters and sort data, to suit their own needs. 

•    Reports can also be exported to MS Excel if more sophisticated data manipulation is required. 

•    Users can only save their own modified reports as copies into their own folders.

•    User modifications do not affect the master report templates, so other users will not be affected by any ad-hoc changes.

•    For further information about how to manipulate Business Objects reports, please refer to the User Guides on INSRV Business Objects Online webpages:

Published reports are reviewed regularly:

Published reports will be reviewed at least annually in consultation with main user groups to ensure they remain suitable for general use.


Research and Commercial reports for Schools and how to use them:

For Schools, a Reports For Schools Work Instruction has been developed to guide you through the range of reports and how to run them.  This is available as an MS Word document on Business Objects in the SCHOOL folder.

For new reporting requirements:

•    If different sets of data are required, and are not available in any other reports currently available to you, it may be that there are alternative reports which RACD can make available to you.

•    If there are no other reports available which may be useful for your task, RACD may develop a new report template.  This can be either an ad-hoc report for specific purposes, or a new published report for recurrent tasks by general users.

•    To discuss if alternative reports can be made available or to discuss the development of a new Business Objects report, please contact RACD Report Developers.  Reporting requirements can be complex, so it’s best to call us for a consultation on Extension 74566, alternatively, send an email about your reporting requirements to  and we will contact you to discuss things further.


The WIRe pages provide a core set of summary management information reports which can be viewed, saved and manipulated by the user.