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Once you have completed all elements on the 'Check List' you can submit your application to the funding body. Depending on the funding body in question, submission can be made via:

  • Post or Email - The majority of funding bodies will have forms that are downloaded from their websites and can be either emailed or sent via normal postage.  These must be approved by RACD BEFORE submission.
  • Electronic Forms - Some of the major funding bodies (eg the Research Councils) have moved to grant applications via a series of electronic forms available on the web.RACD acts as the Cardiff University 'gate keeper' for all electronic grant submission systems.

You will be notified by the funding body regarding the result of your application. If you are successful you should forward a copy of your award letter to RACD in order for us to set up the account. If you are unsuccessful please notify RACD for us to update our records.