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Scope Your Project and the Project Management Framework

A Project Management Framework has been developed by the University to provide consistent practice and guidance to help those involved in projects to deliver successful outcomes. The Framework has been approved by the University Council and is incorporated into the Financial Regulations.

The University's Project Management Form (PMF-1) may be downloaded here: 


Major Projects

The Framework is required to be applied in full to major projects and, for this purpose, a project is defined as 'major' if it involves:

  • a total cost in excess of M£1;
  • a high risk in relation to the achievement of the University's aims /objectives;
  • strategically important issues at a University-wide level.

 Projects which do not meet any of the above criteria may still be deemed 'major' if they involve:

  • three or more departments/divisions.
  • significant time constraints/dependencies - eg joint support from several funding bodies.

If you are unsure whether your application constitutes a Major Project please contact the Planning Division.


Staff submitting copies of proposals for research, consultancy or services rendered funding to RACD should confirm via the appropriate part of the CAP-R&US costing form whether the proposal constitutes a major project. If the answer is 'yes' then, at the same time, a Project Management Form (PMF-1) should also be submitted after signature by the investigator and their Head of School. This confirms that project management issues have been considered and accounted for. Further information is available from the Planning website.

The full Project Management Framework will only be applied to projects which are classified as 'major'. However, it is expected that the Framework's basic, underlying principles of identifying need, analysing options, setting and monitoring targets for each phase of the implementation stage, evaluation and long-term issues, should be applied to all projects.

All appropriate University procedures e.g. personnel and procurement, should be followed as required by an individual project. Further guidance should be sought from appropriate sources within the University where necessary.