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Electronic Grant Submission

Cardiff University operates a two tiered submission process for all Electronic Grant applications.

Your School should review both CAP and application form looking for any discrepancies and potential reasons for the application to be rejected/returned by RACD or the funder. It is the responsibility of the School to ensure the HoS is aware of the application and they are happy for the submission to continue.  An e-mail must be sent to with the CAP form attached confirming the HoS has reviewed and approved the documents for submission by an approved submitter.

For audit purposes, the school must retain the original signed CAP form and a copy of the application. This should be produced upon request by RACDv/Audit.

Cardiff University is currently registered with the following Electronic Systems/application forms



- EAA (electronic application and assessment) - MRC

- Egap 2 - The Royal Society

- Egap 2 - The British Academy 

- eGrants The Wellcome trust

- Leverhulme Trust

- AMS (application management system) – Cancer research UK

- eCAS (electronic commissioning and appraisal system) - NHS SDO

- Proposal Central  – Various USA funders

Please contact Mr Ceri Davies (RACDv Pre awards 74566) if you require any further information or if you plan to submit an electronic grant application to a funder that is not listed above as we will need to complete institutional registration.

There have recently been a number of funders, for example the BUPA foundation, that have introduced online application forms that also require a hard signed application form to be completed. Please note the hard copy application MUST be signed by RACDv prior to the electronic application from being submitted to the funder.

Electronic Grant Submission