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Writing a Grant Application

Guide to Research Funding Applications

Whether you are considering writing your first research application or if you are a more experienced researcher contemplating your latest bid, securing external research funding is an important activity which can shape careers in academia. Winning external research research funding can seem like a daunting hurdle in the current climate, but research funds are always available for the right ideas presented with a well-argued case. It is important to ensure the proposals submitted by the University are competitive, and standards are extremely high. The Guide to Writing Applications for Research Funding from Research, Innovation & Enterprise Services RIES can help to streamline the application process and maximise your chances of success. Please read through the advice in the Guide and contact the Research Development team in RIES for further support.

A guide to writing applications for research funding


Library of Research Grant Applications

The Library of Research Grant Applications maintained by RIES includes a range of successful funding applications submitted to the UK Research Councils and other major funders of research. These are provided for reference by Cardiff University researchers who are considering bidding to the same (or similar) funding bodies. The Library or Research Grant Applications is available via the Grant Library Connections site.

The Grant Library Connections site also includes further resources and advice on bidding the the Research Councils. Please take time to explore it.

If you would like access to the Library, please click on the link below to request membership via the Grant Library Connections site.

Library of Research Grant Applications