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Russell Group

Russell Group is an alliance of 24 universities across the United Kingdom focusing on teaching and research. 

Cardiff University is a member of the Russell Group.

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Vision 2020

Vision2020: The Horizon Network is an excellence based multi-sectoral network of organisations that are strategically aligning in order to face the challenges and opportunities of the Horizon 2020 European funding programme.

The end goals are to secure increased research funding from Horizon 2020 and to further develop European university and private sector partnerships.  These goals are entirely congruent with, and supportive of, the University's Research & Innovation Services and International & Engagement strategies and the Way Forward.

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GW4 is collaboration between University of Bath, University of Bristol, Cardiff University and University of Exeter.  The GW4 alliance was formed to bring together a high concentration of research expertise and capability in the South West of England  and Wales.

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KU Leuven

Cardiff University has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the University of Leuven designed to boost research income, create new research collaboration and offer more opportunities for students and staff to study and teach abroad.

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