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Education and Training Funding

There are also research funding opportunities through the European Commission's new Lifelong Learning Programme.

The Lifelong Learning Programme comprises four sectoral programmes on school education (Comenius), higher education (Erasmus), vocational training (Leonardo da Vinci) and adult education (Gruntvig), and is completed by a transversal programme focusing on policy cooperation, languages, information and communication technology and dissemination and exploitation of results.  Finally, a Jean Monnet programme focuses on European integration and support for certain key institutions and associations active in the field.  The programme budget will be €6,970 million for the total period 2007-2013.

The aim of the new programme is to contribute through lifelong learning to the development of the Community as an advanced knowledge society, with sustainable economic development, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion.  It aims to foster interaction, cooperation and mobility between education and training systems within the Community, so they become a world quality reference.

As regards the four sectoral programmes, quantified targets have been set in order to ensure a significant, identifiable and measurable impact for the programme.  These targets are as follows;

For Comenius: To involve at least three million pupils in joint educational activities, over the period of the programme;

For Erasmus: To contribute to the achievement by 2012 of the three million individual participants in student mobility under the present programme and its predecessors;

For Leonardo da Vinci: To increase placements in enterprises to 80,000 per year by the end of the programme;

For Grundtvig: To support the mobility of 7,000 individuals involved in adult education per year, by 2012.

For information and advice about (student and staff) mobility please contact Rose Matthews in the International Development Division.