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Who Signs?

All contracts relating to research, consultancy and technology transfer activities including Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) and Tenders,  MUST be signed by an authorised signatory within RACD.

The authorised signatories for all agreements and contracts are below. 

Mr Geraint W Jones

Director of the Research and Commercial Division


Telephone: 029 20874 182

Extension: 74182

Dr Kathy Pittard Davies

Deputy Director and Head of Research Policy Management


Telephone: 029 20879 274

Extension: 79274

Dr Nick Bourne

Deputy Director Commercial Development


Telephone: 0292 20875 042

Extension: 75042


Dr Dave Bembo

Assistant Director Research Development


Telephone: 029 20875 159

Extension: 75159


Individual members of staff, Heads of Departments/Schools are not authorised to sign contracts which are within RACD’s remit. Please visit Types of Contracts to view a list of these.

If you require an authorised signatory for a Research Application, please click here.

Please note that if a contract is required to be executed as a deed, this will require signature by the Secretariat. This may lengthen the process.