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The Process for Dealing with RACD Contracts

There are three main phases:

1. Principal Investigator (PI) provides information/documentation to RACD

2. RACD initiates the processing of the contract

3. RACD sets up an account


Step 1- What information does the Principal Investigator (PI) need to provide to RACD?

RACD can not complete or create a contract without the necessary information being available. The PI must provide the following information/ documentation:

A- A project description or a copy of the application (submitted to the funder which sets out a project description);

B- A completed and signed CAP Form;

C- Any contract received from the funder or other relevant correspondence. If you have received an original contract from the funder for signature by the University, you will need to send ALL originals to RACD for signature and please only keep a copy for your records;

D- If the project is linked to an existing RACD account, please provide the account code. This should commence with 'RC' (for a research contract) or 'KS' (for a services contract).

If you have additional funding or wish to amend a project description for an existing project, steps 1 to 4 will still need to be followed. In addition you will need to provide the account code under the original contract.

Providing the above mentioned information at the outset, should facilitate the process.  

Step 2-What will RACD do?  

When RACD has received the information from Step 1, RACD will:

A- Assign your contract to a member of staff within RACD for actioning;

B- Send the PI notification of the RACD member of staff who is handling the contract. If you do not know who is dealing with your contract, please contact the Contracts Administrative Officer;

C- Review the new contract and approve or negotiate the terms and conditions until acceptable to the PI and Cardiff University. Alternatively, it may be necessary for a new contract to be drafted by RACD;

D- Arrange signature(s) for the contract from all parties involved including an authorised signatory on behalf of Cardiff University. If RACD has difficulty making contact with a funder or obtaining a signature, you will be notified.

Step 3- When will a Research or Services account be set up?  

An account will be set up only when the following conditions have been met:

A- The contract has been signed by all relevant parities;

B-  A completed and signed CAP form has been received by RACD.


NOTE: If you do not require a Research or Services account to be set up, please check if RACD should be dealing with your contract (see the types of contract page for more information, or if you are unsure please contact us). If your contract is within RACD’s remit, please complete all the above mentioned steps, apart from Step 1, part B.


If you have a query relating to the process, please contact the Contracts Administrative Officer.