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Staff Contacts

Research and Innovation Services

Mr Geraint Jones

Telephone:029 2087 4182

Dr Rachel Baker
Research Development Officer


Dr Lee Bartlett
Research Data, Information & Outcomes Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9198

Mrs Hillary Barton
Contracts Specialist

Telephone:02920 879411Extension:79411

Dr Dave Bembo
Deputy Director and Head of Research Development

Telephone:029 2087 5159

Dr Stefania Benetton
Administrative Officer


Ms Rebecca Blackwell
Research Development Officer

Telephone:029 208 79196Extension:79196

Mr Nick Bodycombe
European Office Manager

Telephone: 00 44 (0)29 2087 0171Extension: 70171

Dr Nick Bourne
Deputy Director and Head of Commercial Development

Telephone:029 2087 5042

Ms Teresa Bowen
Senior Contracts Officer

Telephone:029 2087 0113

Mrs Sarah Brajer-Hughes
Business Development Officer


Dr Richard Bromiley
Research Development Officer


Mrs Gail Bulmer
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 2087 6216Extension:76216

Mr Alexis Constantinou
Administrative Officer (Research Development)


Ms Sian Conti
Business Development Officer

Telephone:02920 879266Extension:79266

Ms Angela Davies
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 20 79289Extension:9289

Mr Ceri Davies
Business Objects Report Developer

Telephone:029 2087 4566

Ms Nadia Davies
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 208 74838Extension:74838

Dr Kathryn Pittard Davies
Deputy Director and Head of Research Policy and Management

Telephone:029 2087 9274Extension:79274

Mrs Sue Diment
Schools Partnership Project Officer


Mr Richard Duffy
Administrative Assistant (Innovation System)


Ms Adrienne Evans
Executive Officer and PA to the Director

Telephone:029 2087 4837 Extension:74837

Mr Richard Evans
Administrative Officer


Miss Sarah Evans
Engagement Officer


Mr Bruce Etherington
Engagement Manager


Miss Helen Falconer
Research Governance Officer

Telephone:029 20879131

Dr Eryl Francis
Technology Transfer Manager

Telephone:+44 (0)29 2087 9295Extension:79295

Mr David Grey
Senior Post Awards Officer

Telephone:029 2087 5003Extension:75003

Dr Paul Goodwin
Technology Transfer Officer

Telephone:029 2087 5464Extension:75464

Dr Claire Harvey
Research Development Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9198Extension:79198

Dr Samantha Haven
Research Development Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9177Extension:79177

Mr Steven Head
Senior Research Accounts Assistant

Telephone:029 2087 9176Extension:79176

Mr John Hilton
Business Development Officer


Mrs Laxmi Hirani
Administrative Officer


Ms Rhiannon Hirst
Senior Contracts Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9934Extension:79934

Miss Carly Hosang
Administrative Officer


Mr Kevin Jones
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9292Extension:79292

Mrs Sian Jones
Administrative Officer

Telephone: 00 44 (0)29 2087 0171Extension: 70171

Ms Jackie Lane
Senior Post Awards Officer

Telephone:029 2087 0070Extension:70070

Ms Elin Lloyd-Jones
Programme Manager (Innovation System)


Miss Joanna Lynch-Gardner
Contracts Officer

Telephone:029 20879278Extension:79278

Ms Joy Marsden
Project Manager (Innovation System)



Miss Laurie Martin
Engagement Support Officer



Ms Esther Meadows
Administrative Officer

Telephone:02920 879439

Miss Kim Mears
Administrative Officer (Research Governance and Contracts)

Telephone:00 44 (0)29 2087 9273Extension:79273

Ms Ruth Middleton
Administrative Officer (Research Development)

Telephone:029 208 79430Extension:79430

Ms Carolyn Mirza-Davies
Senior Research Accounts Assistant

Telephone:02920 879110Extension:79110

Miss Ann-Marie Morgan
Records and Data Clerical Officer


Mrs Lisa Murphy
Contracts Officer


Dr Corinne Nguyen
Technology Transfer Project Officer


Miss Catherine Noble
Administrative Assistant (Reception)

Telephone:029 208 75834Extension:75834

Dr Mari Nowell
Research Development Officer


Ms Valerie Nute
Administrative Officer


Mrs Sally O'Connor
Programme Manager (Innovation System)

Telephone:029 20870305Extension:70305

Miss Martyna Olewinska
Administrative Assistant


Mrs Sharon O'Neill
Records and Data Clerical Officer

Telephone:029 2087 4566Extension:74566

Mrs Cerys Phillips
Head of European Funding

Telephone:029 2087 0044 Extension:70044

Dr Glesni Pierce-Jones
Technology Transfer Officer

Telephone:029 208 79268Extension:79268

Mr James Popple
Administrative Officer


Mr Graham Priest
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 20879293Extension:79293

Mrs Lorelei Randall
Assistant Engagement Officer


Miss Lucy Rees
Head of Pre Awards

Telephone:029 2087 9178Extension:79178

Dr Amanda Roberts-Jones
Research Development Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9296Extension:79296

Miss Karolina Rucinska
Administrative Assistant


Dr Christopher Saunders
Project Co-ordinator - Intellectual Property Collaboration Project


Dr Keith Sexton
Research Development Officer

Telephone:029 20879288Extension:79288

Mr Chris Shaw
Research Governance Co-ordinator

Telephone:029 2087 9130Extension:79130

Mrs Kathryn Sinclair
Head of Post Awards

Telephone:029 2087 4651Extension:74651

Ms Helen Spargo
Administrative Officer

Telephone:029 2087 9105Extension:79150

Miss Maria Stokes
Administrative Officer

Telephone:02920 879279Extension:79279

Mrs Jacqueline Sturt
LCRI Assistant Finance Officer


Miss Sandra Tcheumeni
Administrative officer

Telephone:02920 876872Extension:76872

Ms Lynnette Thomas
Head of Engagement


Ms Nicola Thomas
Administrative Officer

Telephone:02920 879459Extension:79459

Mr Paul Thomas
Business Manager

Telephone:029 2087 5882 Extension:75882

Mr Rhys Thomas
Head of Cardiff Innovation System and Engagement


Mrs Igne Timinskiene
Office Assistant


Dr Rhodri Turner
Technology Transfer Officer

Telephone:029 2087 0991Extension:70991

Mr James Vilares
ESRC Impact Acceleration Award Manager


Ms Catrin Williams
Contracts Officer

Telephone:029 20870741Extension:70741

Mrs Katherine Williams
Pre-Awards Officer


Miss Laura Williams
Senior Contracts Officer

Telephone:029 2087 6558 Extension:76558

Miss Sarah Woods
Project Officer